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01 January 2025 @ 12:00 pm

Yeah...that's basically what it is, friends-locked!
That doesn't mean I'm unfriendly or antisocial or anything though.
If you want to be added, leave a comment, I don't bite - mostly ;)
01 January 2025 @ 11:59 am

Maybe some of the icon links are deleted during the time :(
Tell me if you can't see some! I'm gonna fix that :)


credit everything you take from this journal. (how to credit)
don't hotlink.
don't steal&claim as yours.
don't edit.
comments are loved! :)

Mar/04/2008 Brokeback Art  --> here

Jun/01/2008 Ennis Icons --> here

Jun/29/2008 Heath Ledger Icons --> here

Aug/24/2008 Amy MacDonald Art --> here

Sep/22/2008 Pete Wentz Icons --> here

Sep/27/2008 Brokeback Mountain Icons --> here

Oct/02/2008 Wall-E Icons --> here

Nov/01/2008 Rihanna Art --> here

Nov/30/2008 New Icon Batch --> here
(Heath Ledger,TDK,America,Paolo Nutini,Converse Chucks)

Dec/26/2008 New Icon Batch --> here
(Animated Icons,Heath Ledger,Michelle Williams/Matilda,TDK,Scrubs,C.Bale,Misc.

Feb/01/2009 91 Stock and Text Icons --> here

Mar/09/2009 44Icons; 20 Banner  --> here
(Stock; California; The Joker; Lady Gaga; Kerli)
April/01/2009 24 Brokeback Mountain Icons --> here

April/12/2009 21 M.Monroe Icons + 6 Headers --> here

June/28/2009 34 Icons --> here
(Sarah Silverman; Jake Gyllenhaal; The Ting Tings; Oasis, Text)
Oct/28/2009 32 Icons --> here
(Green Day, Charlie Winston, Heath Ledger)


Nov/28/2009 52 Icons & 6 Banners --> here
(How I Met Your Mother + Banners & Quotes, Jake G./Anne H.)